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December 13th, 2008: Reines d’Angleterre / Noël Akchoté

@maison des métallos

I might have well have stayed home. I really loathe this place, and having the gig take place in the lobby didn’t help any. To make things worse, a delayed train got me there too late to hear Alvaro. That didn’t improve my mood, which combined with my general weariness pretty much spoiled the whole event for me.

I had never seen Noël Akchoté live, and his set spent covering Kylie Minogue. I don’t really know her music, so I guess I was bound to miss the point, but even though he’s indeed a very good guitar player, I thought the whole thing got tiresome about fifteen minutes into the set. Too much of the same, and I can only wish I’ll get a better opportunity another time.

I liked Reines d’Angleterre much better, but the poor conditions were annoying in that the balance sounded off. Ghédalia Tazartès’ voice just deserves better, and what could have been an interesting electronic background got just too mushy and hard to make out from most places. I finally got close enough to hear the whole quite well just as the set ended. Another missed opportunity, or maybe that’s two for the price of one because what I heard of his new record made me curious about what El-G is doing as a musician.

The only set I really did like were a bunch of kids who were playing when I got there. Nothing ground-breaking, but there was an immediacy that got through my foul mood.

OK, even the tags join in the fun. El-G and El G are not related, at least not that I know of. But wordpress doesn’t seem to accept the hyphen as a meaningful difference.


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