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December 14th, 2008: Ich Bin / A.H. Kraken / Joelle Leandre / Gol & Charles Hayward / France Sauvage / Claus Van Bebber & Michael Vorfeld


Final day of Sonic Protest, in a relatively new place. It’s huge and cold, but maybe the latter will improve with use. I was really exhausted by then, and having heard so much in that week pretty much spoiled the experience on that day. The long waits between sets didn’t really improve things.

Claus Van Bebber and Michael Vorfeld go the event started, and unfortunately it was the kind of improvised music that requires more focus than I could muster there and then. I still liked what Van Bebber did with his three turntables, but I would have to hear him in a smaller venue to appreciate that better. Vorfeld’s percussions just struck me as too conventional — in that particular genre — and I just couldn’t pay enough attention to override that first impression. This one’s definitely on me.

It’s the second time I see France Sauvage, and again I was just not in the right frame of mind. The electronics, screams, drums and all should add up to music I like though. I didn’t because it seemed to me to be something I’ve heard many times before. I’d just like to hear them properly before giving up.

Gol & Charles Hayward were probably my favorite set of the day, at least if I focus on the first part of it. From an introduction with Hayward wandering around before settling behind the drums, it built up from separate sounds to a cohesive one with many changes and things generally happening. The second part was frustrating before they kinda got settled and took far less chances. Or maybe I missed the details and the too steady drumming fooled me. Anyway I thought they were underachieving in that second part.

Joëlle Léandre has a very impressive way of being one with her double bass. Her play is quite straightforward for improvised music — no tricks beyond occasionally slapping the box — but I actually appreciated that. She already does a lot without adding those anyway. She might not be breaking new ground, but she’s so good at what she does that it didn’t matter. I had never heard her before, so maybe I would get tired of it in the long run, but I’ll worry about that if and when.

A.H. Kraken took the day in a totally different direction. Solid punk rock with all as it should be, just low brow enough for me at that time. Definitely weird seeing them in such a clean arty space, but they didn’t seem to care about that and the crowd did go wild. Nothing particularly stood out for me in their music, but I was down to basic perception anyway, and it felt just right.

I guess I should have left early during Ich Bin’s set. It was quite fun during the first song, but it grew old amazingly quick. One trick pony. Their looks and generally their set fit the concept real well, but it was just too monotonous for me. People went real wild, I just went real bored.


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