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December 15th, 2008: Caterina Sagna – P.O.M.P.E.I. 2e fouille

@ theatre de la bastille

It had been too long since the last time I saw Caterina Sagna‘s work, so I was looking forward to this, maybe a bit too much. Three male dancers dressed in white on a stage covered in white fabric. That same material was raised in the back to serve as a screen for black and white videos featuring a girl, a woman and the older Viviane De Muynck. I tend to like this actress, but she often goes a bit too far in the larger than life direction, and here it got quite extreme.

The dancer used the white cloth several ways, going under or getting wrapped in it, but the part that interested me was how they were dancing closely alike in the beginning but gradually got to take on a different style, each somehow related to one of the female actress in the videos. Too bad this process was made so explicit by the words.

I would have liked less talking. And less humor as well. The slapping sequence a short time into it was one of the lows for me. It reminded me of shows I didn’t like this year, most featuring that kind of slapstick humor. I still found enough dance in this one, but barely so. I liked the overall progression of the thing more than any single part. Indeed I can’t think of any particular sequence that I liked for itself. Kind of a disappointment from a choreographer I usually like.


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