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December 22nd, 2008: Erik Minkkinen / Zach Hill / Berthold / Helicoptere Sanglante


There were so many people there I was close to bolting. Maybe I should have, there was far enough people for it to be a success, and these crowds make me uneasy. I was there though, and the prospect of hearing Erik Minkkinen made me stay.

The crowd was so dense I missed about half the set of Helicoptere Sanglante, and probably the one I would have liked best judging from the distorted voice I heard from the outside. Too bad, what I did hear well was good enough, but I could not shake the feeling I missed the good bits. The end of it was a bit tame by his standards, nice electronics but I kept waiting for a cathartic blast that came earlier. I guess that’s what I get for being such a loser.

Berthold was kinda interesting. A rather punk set despite a more metal beginning, I’m sure they can get beyond these labels. They didn’t keep those promises this time, but they’re a name I might want to remember nonetheless. Good enough at what they do, but they can probably do more. Again, the joke’s on me for expecting more varied stuff. I did enjoy their set anyway, so it’s not even a disapointment. More like a reason to check them out another time.

Even though Zach Hill was headlining the event, I didn’t like his set. Too much drumming, and coming from me that just means I was not in a good mood, no surprise with how packed the place was. Impressive as a performance, but there was just too much of that, and I got tired of it.

Erik Minkkinen was last, and even though most people were outside at the bar, I don’t think that’s the only reason that was my favorite set. Harsher that what I heard from him lately, but that was welcome. A bit spacey at times nonetheless, but there was a relentless drilling into the material that just compelled my attention and made for a direct experience. I didn’t like the base sound much, but what he was getting out of it just had me won over. It’s not about that, it’s all about the changes he can bring to it, and even though I always think I know what he can do, he often manages to surprise me. This was maybe not a big surprise, but time flew and by the time he stopped I just had to acknowledge how good he is. That was well worth the wait.


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