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January 9th, 2009: Cobra Matal / Crystal Plumage / Bülanz Orgabar


First gig on the year, and also the last for a while. A lot of people showed up even though there was quite a lot going on all over the city. Too bad I have to shut down just when the end of year freeze on live music is starting to thaw.

The reason I came to this event was Bülanz Orgabar, and I was not disappointed. Quite different from the first time I saw them, less overtly wild. And no technical meltdown this time, so that I could hear the voice parts. Not spectacular in and of themselves, but they added another layer for a satisfyingly dense sound. I missed the beginning, but I really liked what I got to hear. There was down times as well, but that’s part of taking chances, which I think was taking place just from the different feel from last time. This set struck a good balance between drums, guitars and some electronics, but I think I would have liked that balance to be upset at times. No matter, it was good as it was. I hope I’ll catch them a few more times, that set alone was well worth showing up.

From then on I was playing with house money, so I was pretty open and in a much better mood that when I got there. I thought Crystal Plumage took a bit long to get going, but there were some good bits after that. Mostly electronics, with a guitar as one of the sound inputs, played with a bow at times. The buildup had me expecting something more dronish, a breakdown or a reversal; at least it kept me interested. None of that though, they just let a loop go on far too long. So I guess I fooled myself into expecting too much.

I went for the same mistake with Cobra Matal. My memory of a previous gig had me expecting more than I got, and the short set meant I had little time to get rid of this interfering ghost. But they did provide a bit of the chaos that I had been missing in the first set. Not all that much though. I’m not sure they were going anywhere, but they were not staying put, so that was as good a way as any to close the evening.

With that I have to take an involuntary leave from gigs and basically most activities whatsoever. I’d like to be up and running for the next concerts at instants chavires, but that’s just not realistic; a couple of weeks at least sounds more like it.

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  1. “With that I have to take an involuntary leave from gigs and basically most activities whatsoever.”
    hey ça va mec ? rien de grave ?
    bises et bonne année !

    Comment by jfp | January 13, 2009 | Reply

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