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January 31st, 2009: U.S. Girls / Minitel / Opera Mort


Another try, with mixed results.  I’m not sure I can pinpoint what will trigger that annoying effect, but I can’t wait to get rid of it. It did show up at times during Opera Mort’s set, and that’s a shame because I was really enjoying that one. They even threw in some voice processing, and the music felt just right, without any trace of pretense, interesting with taking itself too seriously. Then my ear started acting up and spoiled the end of the set. I hope I can catch them another time.

Much worse with Minitel, my internal feedback drowned out theirs, and got infuriatingly loud whenever Erik Minkkinen got close to an amp. That set was just ruined for me.

But it went away completely during U.S. Girls‘ set, a good thing because she’s the one I was most curious about and also the one I’d have a hard time seeing again. I had heard her session on the station last year and wondered what she would sound live. I liked it better this way and being in a basement felt very appriopriate because the heavy echo and muffled beats had me thinking of hearing some distant music underground in a tunnel or sewers. It does sound the same throughout, so I guess I wouldn’t listen to this too often, but it’s nice once in a while and definitely more interesting to experience live.


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