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February 4th, 2009: Martin Tétreault & Ignaz Schick / Gail Brand & Mark Sanders

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At last a gig I liked without hearing issues. So I guess I’m officially back now. The only sour note was learning I had missed Tim Berne playing in a nice venue. Well, Tom Rainey wasn’t there and it wasn’t Bloodcount either, and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it at the time anyway. It’s all right, tonight’s was a good one.

The first set was Gail Brand on trombone and Mark Sanders on drums. Free improvisation with quiet and loud moments, and the best was that they played very well together. They didn’t seem to fall into a personal routine once, always building, responding and exchanging. Mark Sanders was impressive, and Gail Brand was very good as well in a different way, less of a blur but with small tricks that rewarded paying attention. They stopped several times, which is kinda unusual in that genre, but it felt like they just had brought something to completion and a pause was just right.

I had heard Martin Tétrault play with eRikm last year and had mixed feelings about that set, and even though I liked what he did then better that what he did this time, I thought it mixed better with what Ignaz Schick was doing, so that I liked the end result much better. Quite loud at times and pretty harsh, it was almost a noise set in those moments — and I’m definitely not complaining about that. Those turntables are used most as components in an instrument because the stuff they use with it is a big part of the sound. That use ranged from scraping to banging to even the outlandish putting a needle on something spinning, though not a regular record — now that would have been extreme. Kidding aside, I did like it, again quite the way I would enjoy a noise set. Less of a engaging cooperation that the opening set, but still there was something of that in there, and that made the evening a success for me.


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