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February 6th, 2009: Talibam! – Rhys Chatham – Jean-François Pauvros / Chewbacca

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No ear trouble again, so I guess this means I can go back to attending more gigs again. Good thing, these weeks were so boring.

Chewbacca played in the middle of the room, drums and voice with a lot of effects on the latter. Quite fast all the time, with a surprising diversity in their music nonetheless. I did think of Lightning Bolt at times, but there was also a few minutes when I thought of early eighties Manchester stuff. Maybe the set was a bit long though, the last ten minutes or so were a bit too much of the same for me. But besides that small blemish, it was a good set and I’m glad I didn’t miss them this time.

Having liked the set Talibam! played with Rhys Chatham last year, I was eager to hear what Jean-François Pauvros would add to the mix. It turned out to be completely different, because this time it didn’t sound at all like Talibam! with guests. At times it did sound a bit like what they usually do, but it was also true of Chatham and Pauvros, and those were just signs of each individual in the band, because the result sounded like a successful meeting.

The three songs were quite different, the first a long buildup starting with scattered notes quite in the mold of the free improvisation scene, and gradually getting louder and more intense. Rhys Chatham switched from guitar to trumpet and seemed to play long notes — I could not hear him much at first, I think he was mixed too low. That got better and again those trumpet bursts brought an additional dimension to the whole. The second one featured Chatham on trumpet first — louder and with nice effects too — then guitar and also had Pauvros switching to a bow. Still free improvisation, but closer to free jazz. The final one had Chatham start on guitar and close on trumpet, and was actually rockish.

Free improv to free jazz to free rock, there’s a common thread apart from my liking all three. I liked that they seemed to be having fun as well. Perhaps most impressive was Kevin Shea, whose drumming was the most different during those songs. And though he did come close during the last, most of his play was not at all like what he usually does in Talibam!. Good gig, a fruitful meeting. I could have used another song, but maybe it would have turned out to be free disco or something equally disturbing.


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