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February 10th, 2009: Lol Coxhill – John Edwards – Steve Noble

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I was expecting some regular free improvisation gig, but it was surprisingly melodic and closer to jazz, and not even free jazz at that. Of course there were strong elements of free improv too, but they pretty much threw the labels out. Which is usually a good thing, especially when it’s backed up with such musical skills. A good natured vibe too, they seemed comfortable together and with what they were doing.

Quite often, Lol Coxhill would just stop and let the other two carry on for a while, and those moments were when the music went the most toward free improvisation in the usual way. At the end of the first set he even went with some seriously tongue in cheek singing. But throughout he was the most responsible for the standard jazz feel, even though it’s obviously relative because there were enough twists to take the music beyond such classifying. Steve Noble would usually establish a pattern just long enough for it to settle then change it, going through a huge amount of sounds and styles in the process. John Edwards went through a wide range too, but usually evolving longer within one before ditching it.

Overall, the immediately accessible music didn’t mean nothing much was going on. Paying attention would easily bring to the front the many interlocking changes underneath, I guess these were not hidden at all to begin with, but they made nothing to lay stress on those, just keeping the whole going. Which proves it’s not a question of choice between opposites, but really of moving withing a continuum. Anyway, their enjoyment was communicative and I enjoyed this unusual sets.


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