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February 12th, 2009: L’autopsie a révélé que la mort était due à l’autopsie

@instants chavirés

Another gig without an opening band, which is not ideal for me. But I guess I’m lucky enough because, again, I liked the single act enough not to miss another one. And this time both sets were different enough to sound like different bands, even though there was a common feel to both that united them unmistakably. They say on their page that their name didn’t fit in the form, I can’t believe they were surprised by this development.

The first set made use of a lot of effects with diverse sound sources including samples, a couple of records, some weird instruments and even a recorder. Long tunes that were close but with some variations. Usually there was a quite narrow band of sound being explored thoroughly, in a way a little reminiscent of drones but without any actual drone being used. Pretty interesting despite the seeming limitations of the form.

The second set features guitars, bass and drums, and its loudness and energy didn’t prevent it from being close in spirit to the first. And any thought of a more mainstream rock set was soone dispelled by the relentless repetitions. So, again, it was a base sound slowly evolving, and I liked it better than the first because it was a fun way to transfer their thing to a different genre, defeating expectations and going close to some of the most extreme krautrock, but actually further on the experimental side. A good one.


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