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February 18th, 2009: Arnaud Rivière – eRikm – Jean-Philippe Gross

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I didn’t have any expectations for this gig. The only time I heard Jean-Philippe Gross was with a lot of others, so I don’t really know what he does. I think eRikm is better when he plays with people with a very different approach, but I didn’t know what this particular lineup would yield. And even though I’ve heard Arnaud Rivière many times, he was usually playing solo or with other familiar faces.

The bottom line is I did like both sets, but there was a frustrating side to it because I think I could have enjoyed it more. Overall I just heard Arnaud Rivière too much, but I suspect it’s part because I know him better and thus follow him more easily and part because he had the rhythmic part all to himself which made him stand out even more. Especially during the first set, there were times when I had to make an special effort to pay attention to the others. But that was not true throughout, because each had opportunities to take the lead in some loose sense, while the others would be more subdued for a while. There also were some very nice loud parts, nice because there was a real balance and dense texture there.

I think I liked the second set better, with Arnaud Rivière on electronic drums instead of turntable and mixing board — even though I usually like him better in the latter setup. I thought it was more balanced than the first, and I especially liked the beginning, with some regular music in the background and each one kinda playing on a different layer, so that they were both distinct and forming a richly textured whole. It got louder then and the separateness gave way to more buildup and interactions closer to the first set, again with maybe the drums standing out a bit too much. Well, I think that’s just because eRikm and Jean-Philippe Gross have closer sounds, and I probably wouldn’t even think of complaining about it if there had not been those moments of fragile balance that made the performance special.


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