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WFMU 2009 Marathon


It’s that time of the year again, and the best radio station ever needs your support. The station is listener funded, which means that all the amazing stuff available on the air and on the net is made possible by people like you and me putting their money where their ears are once a year.

Then there’s also the exposure they give to people who don’t have agents, managers and record labels to bring them to you. I know second-hand that they actively seek out those and contact them to ask for records to play. I mean I actually know someone who got an email from Brian Turner asking for records out of the blue, and another who sent his records unprompted actually got not just airplay but also ended up on a few “best of the year” DJ lists. The station is the real deal, no question about that.

They could have gone the way of requiring a paying membership to access their shows, archives and podcasts, and the soon-to-be-launched Free Music Archive, but instead they put it all up for free, never aired current advertising — aircheck of those are a different story, and Kenny G is something else again — and generally made great things happen with only us to back them up. Us meaning me and you, if you ever had your mind blown away by their programming. If you haven’t yet, head over there and take a listen. It might take a while, but it definitely will happen.

So now is the time to give something back, and that means pledging money to make the station go on for another year. And as if what you already got wasn’t enough, they even throw in some great handpicked comps as additional incentives — those are technically know as DJ premiums — and other goodies. $75 for a CDR sounds steep, but wake up and figure out that what you already get for free is worth much more, and getting hold of what’s on these would cost much more. Anyway, it’s totally besides the point. I rest my case, do whatever you want, I’ll do the same, which probably going for the booster level. That’s how much the station means to me, for those who keep track of such things. You don’t have to be as insane desperate dedicated as I am, every single $15 donation helps the cause.

More cogent explanations over here, but why not skip that and just do the right thing already.


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