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February 24th, 2009: Aaron Moore – Alan Courtis / Salmigondis / Capricorn Band


Pretty diverse gig, with different styles. First was yet another one of Erik Minkkinen’s projects, Capricorn Band, with Jérôme Lori. I like this one, part familiar, part new. The most unusual element may have been an actual beat, and a quite synthetic sound that brought a welcome twist to the familiar noise. That set alone was enough to make me glad I joined the crowd and showed up.

My second chance at hearing Salmigondis, but I didn’t like it as much as the first. Still good, but I knew what to expect and that probably didn’t help. Fun set nonetheless, and the almost throwback nature of that band is nice to hear, with its mix of diverse elements and a good natured eagerness that made my initial mild letdown irrelevant. It didn’t reach the intensity of the first I saw them, but maybe their being so many in a small place didn’t help. Anyway I’ll hear them again soon, so maybe I’ll figure out how to listen to them then.

The final set featured Aaron Moore from Volcano the Bear and Alan Courtis, and I thought it took a long time to get going. The first part had Moore drumming in a rockish way with Courtis pretty much going along. My problem with it was that it stayed that way for a long time, and not much was happening then, with was a letdown because of what they can do. They eventually found their groove though, Moore letting the drums go and opening a much more satisfying second half of the set. A bit predictable in its trajectory from the steady opening toward the unsettled, but they’re good enough at this to make the set get better as it unfolded. The end was really good, but I think I liked the middle part better because Courtis kinda took over at the end, and that earlier part was more balanced, with quite a lot happening. Even though some of these attempts didn’t quite work out, I thought there was more chance taking then. But to tell the truth I probably would have been disappointed without the final section.

The place was quite packed, and even though it’s small, that’s good news because such a success probably means there should be another good gig happening sooner rather than later.


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