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February 28th, 2009: Ancients Astronauts / La Donation / Blue Sabbath Black Fiji / DRK / Wunderlitzer


Wunderlitzer started well, with what sounded to me like some faint songs underneath a layer of static and feedback. That added to the texture of the sound quite a lot. I lost that thread along the way though, maybe because I drifted toward the back as more people came in. No matter the reason, the end of the set sounded too much the same for me, a storm of noise where I could not pick up changes. I did like the first half though, so I’ll keep it in mind if another opportunity comes up.

DRK added an unusually mundane keyboard sound to the usual noise for most of the set and tried a bunch of different directions. Par for the course I guess, with both the good and bad sides and that approach. The good being very interesting bits, the bad being some frustration at their lack of development. Then again, that’s part of HH’s usual MO, so it’s not that bad. (Maybe I should not taunt him so, lest he plays a long minimalist piece on grand piano next time). Made me want to hear Zaraz Wam Zagram or Lubriphikatttor again though.

My favorite set was of course Blue Sabbath Black Fiji — I’ll definitely admit I’m biased — even though it was not as good as the one late last year; much shorter too, to my dismay. My favorite piece was the one featuring both guitars and a beat loop. That combination of the loop, a noise guitar with loads of feedback and a more melodic one is a relatively new development in their music that I enjoy a lot. A longer set with that, sample/effects experimentation and some of their earlier engulfing waves of feedback would be a blast.

La Donation was completely different, quiet with some field recordings thrown in. Some interesting textures and moments, but I must admit the children voices were really annoying to me, as usual — Dominique Petitgand is the only one whose use of those I can remember liking. I have a much easier time when the language is one I don’t understand, because here I had to make an effort to block out the meaning, and that sometimes spoiled the effect. The parts without voices had their very nice moments though.

Mixed feelings about Ancients Astronauts too, though in a different way. There was a pounding that added beats as the set went on and was transformed in various ways. I didn’t like that part. And there was static/interference noise coming in burst and steadier phrases with an interesting play with time more than pitch or texture. I did like that part. Both were there all along, and even though I felt the pounding was more dominant, it’s probably just a sign of my attempt to focus more on the part I wanted to hear.


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