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March 6th, 2009: Sister Iodine / Helicoptere Sanglante

@instants chavirés

A gig for the release of Sister Iodine‘s LP on Hendrik Hegray’s Premier Sang label. The sleeve and clear vinyl look great, and the sound is amazingly good, so grab it while it lasts.

I thought Hélicoptère Sanglante’s set took a long time to get going, with just a slowish beat box and some overly rich keyboard note once in a while. But the second part was cool enough, harsher in a more noise vein which just suits me better. Not my favorite performance of his by any means though.

Sister Iodine’s set was much better, of course, even though I still prefer their previous time in the same place. But the sound was great, loud enough to have a physical presence going, but not so much as to be painful or to drown out some parts. A bit too consistent for me, but that’s just negativity because the fact is I was surprised when the set ended. The encore was my favorite part, but I could have used some more of that stuff. It did take me a little while to get beyond the initial noise overload, but then the sound was full of little twists. I’d say most of that is due to Erik Minkkinen, but that’s just me being partial. Anyway it was a good set, and the record is really good, so that was a good evening for me.


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