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March 13th, 2009: Alexandre Bellenger – Arnaud Rivière – Roger Turner / Salmigondis

@instants chavirés

Great opening set by Salmigondis. My favorite of the three times I’ve seen them so far, and a big part of that was the quality of the sound itself. That made a big difference, not having the saxophone or guitar drowned out. Quite diverse set as well, different speeds and styles. Some of the pieces felt a bit too long, and having heard them quite recently spoiled it a little, but not much. I guess I might pass on their next gig nonetheless to avoid tuning them out, but it’s not because I don’t like what they do. And especially the way the six of them bring quite different elements to the mix, and this time each could be clearly made out without taking anything from the whole.

This was a very good gig for me, because I like the second set even more. Here again, I was usually able to identify each part, but not always, because at times their sounds blended seamlessly into a whole that just reached another level. That came and went, part of the deal with improvised music, and there were times when I thought Roger Turner was too prominent, but the peaks were towering and there were a bunch of those. The more regular segments when one or another would take the lead were nice too, but the dynamic of the whole was the most interesting. Goes to show what being a good listener brings to a performer, because I can’t believe such a blend of different sounds is due to mere chance. I was definitely impressed, but actually more happy than impressed. A very good night indeed.


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