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March 15th, 2009: De Kift

@instants chavirés

A lot of people showed up for this show, which is always nice to see. And the stage was pretty crowded as well, with the eight members of De Kift. But first they had to get there, and they started from the back of the room, led by their bicycle/drumkit. That was a nice touch, and worked quite well because half play brass.

The show was pretty much what I half expected/half feared, songs in a style that’s just not my thing, but the cheerful delivery and commitment to their music won me over for most of the show. I still don’t care for the tunes, but the experience was worth it anyway. I did get a little tired of it by the end, but with their playing close to 90 minutes it’s already a surprise I remained interested for so long. I don’t plan to listen to their music and probably won’t go again to see them for a while even if the opportunity comes up though, it’s just way too happy and predictable for me.

But despite my lack of interest in the music itself, I nonetheless enjoyed this gig, including the end, hardly pretending to leave the stage before an encore I quite liked, before they concluded the set by filing out upstairs while playing as in the beginning. Good show by good showmen.


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