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March 31st, 2009: Dälek / Oddateee / Vuneny

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It had been a long time since I last went to this venue, and even though I don’t like it any better, Dälek is a band I was not going to miss. Good move, because the whole gig was great, just like in those days when I went there often because the music was good enough to make the bad vibes irrelevant.

Vuveny was a very pleasant surprise. The sound was probably a bit too loud, especially in the lowest range, but again that’s usual there. I don’t mind the pounding, but especially in the beginning it tended to dominate the rest. But apart from that and some grating keyboardish sounds at times, I loved this set. Slower electro — easy when compared to the breakcore I’ve been listening to for a while — with some very nice guitar noise, and a whole lot of little things that made took the set from good to great for me, which is why I regret the heavy pounding that probably made me miss some of those. I’d sure like to hear them again, which might just happen because even though they’re from Mostar, Bosnia, they released a record on a french label: Jarring Effects. I definitely want to keep an eye on that label, by the way.

These people also have a record out by Oddateee, so they’re into Hip-Hop too. The first half of his set had him playing records, but even though some of this stuff was real good, it didn’t fit that well at this stage of the show, because that was more suitable for a party than a regular gig, and it would probably have been much better as part of those all nighters the place features regularly. But the second half had him grab the mike as a MC, and I loved it. I really like his flow, quite a back-to-the-basics approach but done so well I probably had a stupid smile pasted to my face all the way to the end of his set. He was so good I didn’t even resent the lack of a DJ at any point, it didn’t even cross my mind until after the show was over. He even had a guy play guitar at the end, again a touch that took it from good to great for me. At that stage the gig had already been totally great, and the best was yet to come.

I just love Dälek, which sure isn’t surprising as they bring together Hip-Hop and a wall of guitar feedback, two things very dear to me. But more than that I love their creativity and ability to step outside of the well trodden path. I know some people say their music is dark and gritty, some even say depressing, but I have a very different take on this, especially about the latter. Especially live, with the physical aspect of the guitar sound something that just doesn’t translate to records. To me it’s totally uplifting, not in spite of its darker side, but because it’s the opposite of denial, a willingness to look straight into the bad without yielding any more ground than necessary; a strong will that’s miles away from escapist ego trips. OK, there’s a clear escapist side in me when I let the guitar drone engulf me, but it’s a cleansing wave that leaves me more focused than before, and the voice is always there to show the way. So I was totally into it right from the start, and the couple of tracks from Absence at the end sure didn’t hurt. Their having Oddateee on stage at the very end — together with a second guitar — made for a brilliant sendoff, and even though I would have loved some more of this, it felt right. Now that was an amazing show, and I look forward to seeing them again.


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