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April 4th, 2009: Chora / Lanterns / Helhesten / Peace On Earth


Second gig of the day, with music that’s much more familiar to me. Peace on Earth played first, and even though I felt he didn’t live up to the praise I had heard, there were a bunch of pretty interesting moments. Too bad there were times when he didn’t exactly stop, but nonetheless seemed hesitant as to how to proceed. Those would usually come when I was getting into his sound, and that made it harder to get back in. A collapse of whatever structure I was glimpsing would have been fine, but I had a hard time dealing with what felt like struggling. Maybe there were some technical issues, anyway I heard enough to want to give it another try.

Helhesten was my favorite set. Clarinet, violin and zither are quite unusual instruments in that setting, and adding processed voice and tapes also added a more familiar element, but more as a background. The best was the nice way in which the sounds would fit together, and create a whole that didn’t absord the elements completely, a landscape of sound. They took time to build without then settling into a routine, even though they have a personal sound and strong identity, they kept it interesting throughout.

Lanterns sounded a bit too tame for me after that. Maybe that was going back to dronish guitar, or just still being under the spell of the previous set. Some good things, but I thought it was too consistent and predictable in the long run.

Chora‘s set had two very different phases. At first it was more percussive, with a bunch of big metal bowls and other objects lying on the stage. Surprisingly, I didn’t like that part much, probably because it quickly became familiar. The second phase had them play zitherish instruments and that was much more to my liking. They almost were banging on these strings, but that loud pattern was kinda setting the stage for additional variations with a richness of sound that generated very cool overtones. And I love overtones. So that was a very good way to end the set, the concert and the day for me.


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