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April 10th, 2009: Sol6

@instants chavirés

An amazing show. Sol6 is unusual in combining improvisations and very diverse music, and also in their attitude. Luc Ex‘ website describes them as playing “with intensity, pleasure and an occasional smile”, and if anything the way they departed from this in that the smiles were not all that occasional.

The band features Luc Ex on acoustic bass, Veryan Weston on piano, Hannah Marshall on cello, Mandy Drummond on viola, Ingrid Laubrock on saxophone and Tony Buck on drums. Luc Ex and Tony Buck were the only ones not sharing in the vocalist duties. Each is a talented musician and one thing I loved about this band is that its size allows many transient combinations, where some members can pause outright or more figuratively sit back and take on a support role. Tony Buck is the only one I had heard before, and I thought his not having to shoulder the load all the time made some of his contributions all the more impressive.

Really diverse music, ranging from pop songs to Satie — I loved that one — with more freeform play from time to time. Mandy Drummond has a very nice voice, which helped me with the more poppish stuff. As musicians I don’t think any one particularly stood out, it was more having one or another take a more leading role for a specific song or section. Which is another reason why I think this band just works. There’s balance, many changes of pace and style, and all of them seemed to be actually enjoying the show and having a good time. That might not be much, but I think that makes a real difference. I don’t know if that enthusiam proved infectious, but I thought this show was very very good.


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