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April 15th, 2009: The Legendary Tiger Man / Bob & Lisa

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I was not so eager to go back to this place so soon, but I was eager to check out Bob & Lisa, the core of the BellRays in an acoustic format. Not the first thing that comes to mind with that band, so I thought it would be interesting, plus this singer has so much charisma she doesn’t need an overpowering sound. It was indeed quite interesting, and highlighted that there is more to them than raw power. More teacher than preacher, but actually different from both, showing a more relaxed and intimate side. Noticeably missing was the fierceness and authority I had come to expect from Lisa Kekaula — except when she asked people loudly talking in the front to shut up or leave. She didn’t work the crowd as much either, this set was really about music and sharing. I can see why she talked about this format being a way to keep things going. Then again, I guess it’s no surprise that I can feel some closeness to a band that once printed “support live music even when it sucks” on a record, even though I certainly never needed the second part of that phrase when it comes to them.

I had never heard of The Legendary Tiger Man, and his opening song really got me into his set. A heavy dose of slide guitar for a quite bluesish song, I hadn’t heard anything like that live in a long time — too much experimental/noise gigs maybe. The rest of the set was more rock that blues though, with the blues element often gone completely, so that it felt more mundane to me. He’s definitely a good live act anyway, especially going at it on his own like this. I’m not all that interested in his music, but the energy runs high and that was a good experience. It’s not meant to be thought over anyway, so I’d say he’s pulling it off quite nicely.


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