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April 17th, 2009: Prezens: David Torn – Tim Berne – Tom Rainey – Craig Taborn

@cité de la musique

I didn’t know anything about David Torn, but I’m always game for an opportunity to hear Tom Rainey, especially when Tim Berne and Craig Taborn are there too.

This performance was completely different, obviously thanks to David Torn. He and especially Craig Taborn were building a quite dense sound environment, with Taborn more subdued maybe but still present, while Torn was at times using enough feedback and harsher effects to come closer to my usual noise than I can remember in a jazz setting. Tim Berne and Tom Rainey were closer to their usual styles, though Berne was obviously less in the foreground and actually went along with the sound sculpting aspect. Torn was foremost on that front, and created some great textures, a part of his play that I found more interesting than his occasional more melodic forays.

Paradoxically, even though I’m still a huge fan of Rainey, his play was excellent as usual, but that was exacty what helped me put my finger on what bothered me about this performance. Even though there were a lot of great sounds and it had an unusual side, I had the feeling it was too locked down. Not the music, more the part that each performer played, so that even though there were some fruitful exchanges, these didn’t include any kind of role reversal and that made it a little predictable over time. So in the end I felt it could have been more free and involved more chances. Then again it was a relatively short one, about one hour, so maybe I just didn’t have enough time to get beyond the obvious. So even though I did like it, I came out with a feeling it could have gone further. The downside of high expectations, again.


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