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April 18th, 2009: Zeni Geva / Stuckometer

@instants chavirés

Many good things tonight, including the fact that the show was sold out, which does count as a good thing because it’s good for the venue.

Stuckometer opened with a great set. I took me a little while to get into it, at first it seemed a bit too much noisish fumbling around, but that was just the time it took for me to get used to their sound. After that, I just had a great time. That drummer is pretty good and inventive, and the guitars were not bland either. Many changes and a lot of autonomy in each member of the band, but never straying so far as to feel disconnected. It even reminded me of what I like best in free jazz, less technically perfect but with a freedom of spirit that never puts egos over the music. Of course there’s the band thing at work too, because they did keep a strong sense of unity throughout.

I have to admit I didn’t know Zeni Geva before seeing them. I had seen KK Null and Tatsuya Yoshida separately though. I did hear people saying they were better “before”, but some people would say so about a new band anyway. I don’t know, but they were good enough for me this time. Powerful yet interesting, a controlled but on the edge at times. And good natured. I think KK Null was a major reason for the later, his attitude was just positive. At times the whole sounded almost too clean, but then again it didn’t matter because it was not a sign of rehashing old recipes, more like relative down times between peaks of energy and/or challenging music. Not as much of the latter as when I heard KK Null solo, but this side was present as well. It just was not as much the focus, even though it’s hard to say what that was, with this mix of metal, punk, noise and other beasts. Maybe having a good time with loud music was. At least that worked for me. Great gig throughout.


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