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April 22nd, 2009: Instant Space Soup / Jarvid Q / P.A.R.A. / Dolphins Into The Future / Monopoly Child Star Searchers / David Daniell

@espace en cours

Busy night, with six pretty different sets including two late additions bookending the show.

David Daniell was a very good surprise. At first I was alarmed by the combination of bottleneck and e-bow, but it turned out great. Evocative and misleadingly calm, with quite many things happening under that surface. Looking at his web site and the many people he played with only had me wonder how I could have failed to hear about him before. And he even did a session on WFMU.

Monopoly Child Star Searchers was next and completely different, layering loops over a driving beat. Some of those sounds were too synthetic for my taste, but I just loved the different lengths of some loops that created interlocking rhythms. Much, much faster than the first set but just as interesting.

The animal samples Dolphins Into The Future build his set from didn’t help me at all getting into his set. Too bad because I wanted to hear him in better conditions than the first time, but I’m not losing interest yet.

P.A.R.A. was the highlight of the show for me. From the struck bowls to the heavy reverb on her voice — that kinda had me thinking of a shamanistic U.S. Girls — almost everything was just right to make that set instantly compelling. The only blemish was a sudden stop due to a technical problem, but she could start again pretty fast. The jolt made me measure how totally into her set I had been. I didn’t expect that kind of set at all, and it was a very pleasant surprise. I hope I’ll have another opportunity.

Jarvid Q, the second skaters solo project was kind of a disappointment for me. Too much of the same rhythm, lacking the slightly off touch that made the first one interesting.

Instant Space Soup did a pretty good set to end the show, a kind of almost ambient noise, with a very interesting use of voice samples, maybe from a movie, first used against a noise background then reintroduced with the music much louder. The second time I could anticipate the lines and that kinda made it stand out even though it was no longer in the foreground. Lame description, but the memory play just was just the kind of detail that will make me love a set.


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