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April 23rd, 2009: Skullflower / Vomir

@instants chavirés

Bring the noise! Vomir‘s brand of sonic assault somehow manages to be almost overwhelming yet with different threads and layers once I got used to the level. Again, I didn’t put my head in the supplied plastic bag, but it is true that keeping my eyes closed most of time did help. It’s just that moving around was better, as I could focus on different depending on where I was. On the other hand, I thought the set did run out of steam after a while, too much of the same thing in my opinion. I think a shorter set is more appropriate, with not enough time for the edge to grow dull.

Skullflower was loud too, but smoother, with less abrasive feedback. I had to get used to it but soon I could make out the many things going on underneath that surface of continuous feedback. The drummer was the most obvious agent of change, but my favorite twists were guitar based. Nothing glaring, but some meanderings I could very well have imagined. I don’t think so, though. A physical experience as well, but not to the point where it got painful or even annoying. This set was just right when it comes to length, long enough to get a feel for the sound and have shapes develop and evolve, but I’m not sure I could have sustained my focus much longer without some more drastic changes. So it was just right.


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