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April 25th, 2009: Battant / Telepathe / The Baboon Show


I like this festival. There has been some very cool gigs over the years, and I like the theme in that it’s a great excuse to get very eclectic.

I had mixed feelings about The Baboon Show for most of their set. Efficient and pretty cool garage/punk, but a little too clean and played by the book — that’s a common issue for me with Swedish bands. Nice but lacking something to grab my attention. But they actually did that at the end, through a wonderful cover of The Smiths’ There is a light that never goes out. That was a stroke of genius, turning this cool but overplayed song into a punk tune. That was a difference-maker as it comes to my opinion of their set.

Speaking of changing my mind, I read what I wrote about Telepathe the first time I saw them, close to one year ago: “I would not go to a gig they open for them alone”. Boy did I change my mind. First I bought their record months later, and a bunch of songs were already familiar, a sure sign their performance had left its mark. It’s been a favorite ever since, especially Chrome’s on it — that’s a totally great song — but the whole record is a blast, bringing in bits and pieces from two or three decades of music and making something new. So I would go to hear them live without a second thought, it would even take something special to have me pass on such an opportunity. And I was not disappointed. If anything, I live them better live than on their record, there’s more of an edge to it, with the drumming having a lot to do with that impression. Even though the sound was not that good — some voice parts were a bit drowned out — they did keep the best of the songs and made them better suited to the live context. It’s a little different in a good way in that I think some parts of the record are a bit overproduced. The only song I did like but not as much was chrome’s on it. I would have liked a longer set, so I just reverse my misguided earlier position: I would definitely go to one of their gig without anyone opening. As a bonus, one of them told me that DJ/Rupture did a remix for them — he had them on his show for a chat a couple of months ago — and I can’t wait to hear this.

Obviously I was not at my most open for the Battant after this. Maybe that’s why I kinda tuned out the first half or so, totally failing to appreciate it. I liked the second half better, but it still felt a bit too mainstream, in the sense that I heard such things too many times. Telepathe was a tough act to follow especially on that count, so I guess I’d better not make much of this first impression.


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