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April 26th, 2009: Queen Shmooquan / Herb Diamante / Damien Schultz / Lexie Mountain Boys / Karaocake

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So many things going on made it a hard choice, but I just could not pass on the opportunity to see Lexie Mountain Boys at last. Plus I like the place, at least as long as it doesn’t rain.

Karaocake isn’t really my kind of music, just too nice pop without the touch of wildness or excess that can make me interested. Nonetheless I thought the addition of a floor tom to the keyboard prevented it from getting into a DIY introvert pop routine and so I liked it better than I expected.

I was expecting a lot from Lexie Mountain Boys on the strength of their session during Liz Berg’s show. What that really almost two years ago? As usual, I was not interested in the visual part of the show — tamer than what I had heard about them, though they did put on their beards — what I really wanted to experience was hearing their voices for real and see how they interacted. They looked like they genuinely liked each others, so that part held up to what I thought, and they made it a fun set. Unfortunately hearing them in a small venue didn’t really sound better than what I had heard before, but I guess my expectations were wrong because it’s not about power but more about the way they fit together. On that count that was a very good set, and there’s just no substitute for a live gig, so I’m happy my lofty expectations didn’t prevent me from having a good time, that would have been so dumb.

Then came a short set by Damien Schultz, and definitely my favorite of his. There was a first sequence without words at all, and even then I could easily ignore the meaning to focus on the delivery, which was great, fast but without sounding forced and just interesting as a flow. There were many funny bits in the meaning of the words as well, and even though I’m generally not into that at all, even I have to say it did make for a better set.

The final set felt more like two separate ones, with Herb Diamante going first for a few songs then leaving before adding some vocals during part of Queen Shmooquan‘s performance. I liked his voice but especially the way he somehow could be both restrained and over the top at the same time. Very interesting, with a compelling matter of fact weirdness. Her show was more on the weirdly weird side, and more performance than music, except for a final song on acoustic guitar that showcased her unusual but good voice. It was more on the normal side as well, so having both more separate made it less interesting than Herb Diamante’s for me.


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