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April 29th, 2009: The USA Is A Monster / Ovo

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I was there first and foremost for Ovo, and they were just as great as usual. I have been mostly disappointed by their other projects, with the exception of ?Alos, so hearing them again was good. Their set featured the familiar cookie-monster-as-a-girl voice but not just that, the singer proved she could do something else as well, and there was both the familiar in a doomish long song and something different in the shorter ones, that featured more obvious melodic lines. A close to perfect set as far as I’m concerned, with the familiar stuff I missed in their other projects and enough to show their not just running in place, Ovo is still a living thing, moving in a perhaps more mainstream direction but keeping a balance between remaining true to their identity and claiming new territory. The mandatory dreadlock bowing sequence had me wonder how much of it was genuine as opposed to giving us what we wanted. It’s being part of a more chaotic noise spell made me lean toward the former, but I wonder nonetheless whether it’s crossing over into gimmick territory. Maybe I’m just too concerned about what has made them — relatively — famous and feeling somehow protective of having seen them just before they reached that fame. I probably says more about me than about them, but the bottom line is that it was a very good set that brought me all I expected and then some.

The USA is a monster‘s set was a good surprise in some ways, more accessible that I expected. The first time I noticed them was by their being played by Dan Bodah, and I was happy as usual to hear a band I first heard on the station. I liked the drummer — who was also singing — and what I could hear of the guitar, though the latter was often drowned out by keyboards I didn’t care much for. I read those were added for this tour, I think I would have like it better without them. I guess I won’t know for sure, as this was supposed to be their last tour. Some cool songs, more melodic and mainstream than what I’m used too, but in a good way in that it sometimes feels good to go back to less high brow stuff. Some of the keyboard stuff was annoying though. There was something a bit off in the performance as well, I think. Can’t exactly say what, I did feel some weird dynamics at work, and not in a good way. Anyway, some of them seem to have other projects going on that might be worth checking out. I don’t know anything about these, but the guitar player took time to tell about those, so I might as well write those names down: Black Elf Speaks, Silk Flowers and Miami Nights.


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