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May 2nd, 2009: Syrine Ben Moussa


Still going into unfamiliar musical territory, this time music from Tunisia. I knew I would not be able to escape comparing Syrine Ben Moussa to the Algerian singer I heard about one month ago, because the Kanun player was also Khadija El Afrit. It was both different and related, and I just liked Ben Moussa’s voice better. The music too, which avoided the prettiness that had been a problem for me in the earlier performance.

Maybe it was because the percussions were more to the front, but I felt more comfortable with this style — or maybe it’s in part the other way around. Anyway I thought the performance had a less polished quality that I liked a lot, the rougher edge I was calling for back then. Hard to say for sure exactly what made me like this music, I know so little about it. There were different kinds of music there, even though there was a strong common thread running throughout as well. Some songs were a bit too nice for me, but other moments had a depth to them I would tend to associate to more classical stuff.

A quite interesting show also in that it made plain I’m not even scratching the surface there. But it also hinted at very good reasons why I probably should try to get more familiar with music from this area. There’s definitely something I can connect with in there.


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