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May 11th, 2009: Louis Sclavis

@studio de l’ermitage

I had heard praise about Louis Sclavis but had not heard him before. But as this venue is cheaper than the jazz clubs, that was an opportunity to learn something. He’s good enough in a way, but this is just not my style. When it comes to jazz, what I like is most of the time by musicians from New York and is usually related to either free jazz or Steve Coleman.

So here I was out of my usual territory. Which required more effort to try to get at what was probably going on beneath a too smooth surface. Unfortunately I had a hard time doing that because of the bass player’s sound and even more because of the drummer which I thought was heavy handed and quite boring — an unfortunate combination. On the other hand, Sclavis clearly knows what he’s doing, and I liked the saxophone (Matthieu Metzger) and especially the guitar (Maxime Delpierre).

So I was pretty much left on the outside looking in, with some appreciation of the music but it was just too middle of the road for me, not as much lacking in energy as having it spent in a way that I don’t relate to. I guess this is just not for me, but it wasn’t bad and was a learning experience.


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