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May 13th, 2009: The Kris Wanders Outfit

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Now that’s what I wanted to hear, not just a great gig but one that introduced me to a musician I had not even heard about who really impressed me: Peter Jacquemyn. He did a lot with his double bass, always with an intensity that was totally compelling. And as if that was not enough, he even threw in some diphonic singing at times, with an impressive power, and meshing that so seamlessly with his instrument that sometimes it was hard to tell them apart — or rather making the distinction irrelevant.

Mark Sanders was just as impressive as the first time I heard him, sometimes going so fast he was a blur to my eyes, but never to my ears, always clear and precise. Constantly changing gears, always in touch with what was going on, never boring or showboating despite his skill. The only one of the band I had heard before, he’s definitely worth being on the lookout for.

Johannes Bauer switched easily between melodic phrases and series of short rhythmic trombone blasts, between supporting, leading, joining and standing back.

Kris Wanders was often silent, maybe because he’s so loud that he feared he would drown out the others. He was the one I appreciated least — that’s a relative term — because during the first set his full speed sequences were too familiar and similar. But that changed during the second set, where he did go slower, gaining speed as the set went on, and generally meshing better with the others.

Both sets were quite different, with the first getting closer to free jazz while the second was more in line with the usual European free improvisation. Both very good. What I loved most about this band is that each of them displayed an impressive listening skill. That’s so important in that kind of music, and they really nailed that down, being attentive and responsive, but also able to nudge things forward — or rather sideways. That was a blast.


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