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May 22nd, 2009: Matmos / Fraction

@café de la danse

A major computer meltdown in these very busy days kept me unable to write early enough, and the accumulation of other stuff means my memories are already not so crisp. So it’s gonna be a short one.

A single guy on laptop, Fraction had his moments, especially in the second half or so of his set. I thought the first half remained too long on the same ideas, so it got a bit stale after a while. But I did like the second, it felt just more diverse and with some real creativity at work. I don’t remember anything specific by now, but I had been slipping close to boredom and that brought me back firmly.

Matmos delivered a great set, again managing to balance interesting intricacies with an appealing rhythm and of course arresting samples and sounds. The gimmicky concrete moment used a twelve sided dice — appealing to my inner nerd — and was predicably good. This was my fourth time seeing them live and possibly my favorite, maybe because I had kept track lately and it all sounded new and fresh to me. I’m not sure that the venue was all that appropriate though. Their music does have a brainy side, but those seats quickly felt like a nuisance, because there’s a more immediate physical side to it as well, and I think it’s just as strong. These guys are proof one smart and cool are not mutually exclusive.


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