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May 25th, 2009: Clinic / Phosphorescent / Papier Tigre

@café de la danse

Papier Tigre puzzled me a little, though it’s just my age showing. Drums, two guitars and voice — the lack of bass didn’t help me — and a music that sounded alien to me. I mean it was more mainstream that anything I’ve heard lately, I guess in a “Indie” way, but I just couldn’t figure out what they were aiming for. I did like a couple of song, usually with more drums, but for the most it was so out of my frame of reference I was just left out. To each his own, it’s just not my kind of tiger.

Phosphorescent was more familiar, in a loosely urban country way. A little tame at times, and I just didn’t care much for the singer’s voice, but there was songs I liked in there, though not all. Anyway, it’s a genre I wish I had more opportunities to hear, so it was nice enough. Especially in the slower sounds, I do think they could throw in some pedal steel, which is not a criticism of the guitar player who did a very good job.

I was here for Clinic, especially because I still clearly remember the only time I had seen them before, seven years ago. I don’t know if that was because of rosy tinted memories, the venue, the heat, or just their being seven years older too, but the show didn’t reach the intensity and energy of that old show. But I still like the music and the singer’s voice quite a bit, and the relentlessness was there more often that not, but sometimes weirdly mellower. Still a pretty cool show, once I had let go of my old timer expectations. I guess I would have been really disappointed if they had not evolved at all, and they did stay true to their identity while expanding their range, which is a good thing in my opinion. Granted, they were no longer jumping around, but hey, neither was I.

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