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May 27th, 2009: Reinhold Friedl – Elliott Sharp / Olivier Benoit

@instants chavirés

I was very impressed by Olivier Benoit. I was a bit wary at first because his use of his guitar as a sound source he would not play conventionally kinda reminded me of a trend in free improvisation of which I’ve had enough. But that was completely off the mark. So much so that the harsher parts of his set actually sounded closer to some noise gigs than to the usual free improv stuff. So there was something new for me here, with also a very good sound and a pretty interesting evolution through the overall set. He several times selected a way of generating sound and kept at it for a while, but it didn’t feel stilted at all. I had never heard of him, but I’ll be remembering his name — I hope so at least. That was a very cool set.

No surprise then that I liked the opening set better than the second one. Elliott Sharp did some really good things, but it was more along familiar lines, and I wasn’t all that convinced by the way he and Reinhold Friedl played together. A bit too separate in my opinion. Then again it may be that I just didn’t get what Friedl was doing, despite my general appreciation of prepared piano. I’m not saying it was bad music, but as a live performance, I felt it was a little off. Elliott Sharp was interesting, so I guess I’d like to hear more from him, but that’s exactly part of my problem with that set: what I liked best was too separate from the other, and I didn’t find much I liked in the interaction.


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