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May 30th, 2009: Villette Sonique

@la villette

Two days of free gigs in a part, with sunny weather for the most part, and I whiffed badly by lounging around most of both days; I guess the many gigs this time of year sent me into overload, though I want to think of it as putting on some fat for the coming barren time that summer is around here. The good side to my short attention span was that the performances I most wanted to attend were first each day — I will not draw any meaning from their Omarishness though.

The first day started with Erna Omarsdottir‘s Digging in the sand with only one hand. Having some contemporary dance in this outdoors festival was enough of a treat, but she happens to be one of my favorite dancers, I had seen her with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and obviously Jan Fabre, and I miss what she brought to the latter — that solo piece was a keeper. I really liked most of the dance first part, with her digging her way from a sandy shallow grave and then playing hide-and-seek with those mirrorish slabs, all the way to her finger-gunning hectic parts. She made great use of the place, especially of a twin tree with a haging mike. The second part had her in a storytelling mode, breaking into a singing chorus that was simple yet powerful, and now etched in my mind for a while. At the very end she ran away waving, going through the audience. I was very impressed by the way the performance made use of the surroundings. From what I later heard, it seems they always tailor it to wherever they perform, and that means it’s probably a very good idea to check them out if they happen to come your way. The reason I switch to plural is that there was a guitar player involved, switching between reverb-heavy rich sounds and more hectic darker parts, and I was impressed by the match between the dance and music. I was lucky enough to have a little chat with Valdimar Johannsson later and I’m totally eager to hear him again. He said he often performs this way with theater and dance performances, but I’d really like to check out his band Reykjavik as well — that might prove easier as well, as far as hearing about it is concerned, provided they do announce any Paris stop on their page. (if anyone involved in that band ever reads this, pretty please contact me about any coming gig aroung here)

Then I went checking out the other sets but fell prey to the sun and meeting some people and I got sidetracked. Take the following with a lot of salt, I’m only writing this as an excuse to link to their sites. I kinda liked Extra Life whenever the violin was involved, but it was too much regulation NY stuff otherwise. Mahjongg was just too arty for me — again, from afar — and even though it was pretty well done, I just wasn’t in the mood. Having seen Lightning Bolt not so far ago, I only paid enough attention to tell people when I thought Dracula Mountain might be coming, because that’s when you might want being up front — been here, done that, make way for the youngsters. I completely missed Duchess Says‘ set, and I’m kicking myself over that: they were great as a live band a couple of years ago, I should have been there.


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