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May 31st, 2009: Villette Sonique

@la villette

Second day of outdoors performances, and I missed even more of it than the first day in a way: I didn’t pay enough attention to Dan Deacon or Ebony Bones to have anything to say. That shows how I just suck, having been harping about seeing Dan Deacon for so long.

I was fully focused for Omar Souleyman’s performance though, despite the unwelcome clouds showing up just then, all the more because I knew I would miss his other performance around here. I’m so glad I had this opportunity, his music isn’t common in these parts. Granted, he’s not setting fire through his stage antics — there’s just none of these — but I think he’s a charismatic singer, and he has a great voice. At first I thought I would have liked more Choubi, but on second thought I don’t think so. The canned percussions were grating but not too prominent, so I could ignore them. Had they gone into Choubi like in his second Sublime Frequencies record, with ridiculous synthetic percussions, I probably would have been thrown into a bad mood. As it were, I reallty liked this set. It’s not that often that I get to hear this kind of music live, and I think Omar Souleyman has charisma to spare. Seeing him in a smaller venue looked mighty tempting then, but I had a prior commitment that was just as interesting on paper.

I heard there was a compelling visual element to Monotonix‘ performance, but being a small guy that eluded me, so it sounded too familiar in a hardcorish way. Deerhoof felt flat, but the very crappy sound entitles them to a mulligan on that one. Plus I’ve heard them not so long ago and even though I loved that performance I somehow thought the setting would not be a plus this time around.


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