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June 2nd, 2009: Group Doueh

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I was lucky enough not to have a dance show booked that day, as the Sublime Frequencies tour made a stop in my favorite venue (unfortunately I did have one for the Omar Souleyman gig, but having heard him a few days earlier it was not that bad). To make things more interesting, WFMU‘s own Brian Turner was there and broadcasting the show, which means it’s archived here and I don’t even have to write that much about it, when hearing it again is but a click away.

Instead of an opening set, we got a screening of Hisham Mayet’s Palace of the Wind. The soundtrack is great, but I think the movie itself doesn’t live up to that level. The focus on bright colors and the general aesthetics didn’t sit well with me. Then again I’m not into movies at all, unless those directed by David Lynch.

Group Doueh was really good, with an amazing female singer who was just as good with the low and high notes. The main singer paled in comparison, but that’s relative because he did deliver a good performance. And Doueh’s guitar was a treat, he even managed to play with his guitar on his shoulders without being ridiculous. It’s not experimental high brow stuff at all, but the intensity and sheer belief in their music was totally refreshing. And that voice. A really great show, I guess hearing the broadcast will not convey the presence of the band, but it should at least give a fair idea.

The next day, Ken Freedman did a remote from Bimbo Tower. I didn’t go, but I did listen and it was weird hearing those familiar voices and this familiar music, in a good way. I’m glad I got to meet them both, however briefly.


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