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June 5th, 2009: Pierre Berthet

@instants chavirés

Another great show, before a very sparse audience. Why so few people showed up for Pierre Berthet is puzzling, but it’s their loss.

The first part was my favorite. He had a few half bottles hanging upside-down on hook, with a pierced cap and a wool thread allowing the water inside to drip at different speeds on metal boxes. The result was a percussion ensemble with a mesmerizing visual element. Halfway through he replaced the bottles and moved the boxes to change the rhythm and tone. In a sense that was not unlike what one can do with a laptop and loops, but so much better because of the individual sounds and the small variations caused by the thread or just chance deviations in the falling of the drops. I also thought about Pendulum Music for the process of it all, but I liked this performance better.

The second part features reversed vacuum cleaners blowing through flexible tubes into pipes lying on the ground. At first the tubes were held in place but as soon as he let a couple of them go they started going back and forth in an arc, blowing into tubes progressively laid into a semi-circle. More dynamic than the first part, with more intervention from Berthet, and with the vacuum themselves adding a background drone more diverse sounding. Even though I liked the first part better, the second one alone would have been well worth showing up. There’s just no question I plan to be there the next time he performs around here, though with the sparse attendance maybe he won’t bother.

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