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June 6th, 2009: Tefa


Another day of infuriating choices. I would have liked to attend that big event at la miroiterie, but I went with the rarer lineup: I no longer have regular opportunities to hear music from Madagascar.

That long gone familiarity was definitely double edged, as I couldn’t really adapt to a familiar venue that suddenly turned cold and formal. Maybe that’s why the opening umbrella dance and the couple of short use of the leg xylophone looked gimmicky to me. On the other hand, the singing made me instantly comfortable, if a little overwhelmed by old memories.  The square lute made a real difference to me, expertly played and providing the perfect backdrop to the singing. Sometimes all five singers would join in, but often there would be just one, and they’re very good. I think. It’s been a long time so I can’t really tell, but the way this unlocked old memories is telling, I think. I could almost taste the food just by listening to them singing. The drawback to this connection was that I was probably not listening intently enough, but I think it also speaks highly of their abilities.

A long time ago, just out of college, I hanged out with people from Madagascar and could experience the wonderful disconnect of going to parties in that community while remaining in the dreary suburbs. That’s back before WFMU replaced FPP as my radio of choice, though I still tune to Zooma Capricorne once in a while, far less often these days as my hours shifted enough for me to be often asleep at that early hour. I haven’t listened to Echos du Capricorne in years, but it’s somehow comforting to see they’re still around — and I just had to find a way to post that link.


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