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June 8th, 2009: Nadja / Thisquietarmy / Aidan Baker

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Canadian drone event, one I was looking forward to. Nadja is one of the bands that I first heard on the station — in their case it was Stays Demons on Diane‘s show — and that have been wanting to hear live ever since. The whole show featured some videos as a backdrop, which bothered me some because my weird vision had me seeing red/blue/green stripes around peoples’ heads throughout.

Aidan Baker played first, a very quiet set with a lot of effects building up at times to a dense texture, but quite apart from the usual noise stuff. Peaceful in a way, relaxed even. I’m not exactly fond of his voice, but it was pretty interesting in the different use of familiar material.

I didn’t know anything about Thisquietarmy, and I’m glad I do now. I liked his set a lot, some ambient darkish drone at first, that then went more intense with a part grating part awesome beatbox. Meaning its sound was annoying on its own, but it definitely worked very well within that cloud of guitar. I really appreciate that his set had a consistent sound yet went in very different directions. Good stuff, and I also like his autoreply message as displayed on his blog.

And then it was time for Nadja. I ended up liking their set even better than the previous one, even though it was more of one piece. Great sound, and the long bowing part was definitely a treat. Possibly my favorite set in that style ever, maybe because they seemed to be all about music and didn’t go into theatrics. Anyway they did deliver a physically engaging experience, loud without overdoing it, with depth and some kind of openness about it. Despite having wanted to hear them for a couple of years, I was not disappointed, and the set made me discover someone I had never heard about, so it was a pretty good day.


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