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June 10th, 2009: Ea Sola – Le Corps Blanc


I was eager to see something by Ea Sola, it had been too long. Even though I’ve never completely loved one of her shows, she has a distinct voice and always brings something very interesting. This one was coldly received by the audience, but even though my own take is quite mixed, I liked it overall. Maybe that text was a bit too constraining, too familiar as well, but the relation to the show wasn’t of one piece. At first the dance was related but finding ways of expressing those connections through dance only. In the middle I thought the tone got almost preachy, and that the attack on consumerism through iconic brands fell flat. At the end the dance took some definite distance from the text, and the indirect echoes were working pretty well.

The dance itself was quite diverse, beginning with slow movements often freezing into a pose, broken my almost spasmic fits. Then there were some very interesting interactions, part support and part conflict, with occasional burst of speed and energy. The end was maybe a little too long, but the way one dancer would support and move the other was such a complete break from the rest that I think it worked.

But what I really liked about this show was the complete visual experience. The dancers were behind a milky translucent curtain for a long time, then that came down for the final part. The lighting combined with that expertly, for instance merging the crouching dancers with their shadows for a striking effect, or bringing their half hidden figures into a blurry relief, if that makes sense. Those many moments were what made me like the show, and were compelling enough to take my mind off the words a little more. Especially during the first part, there was no real telling the dance apart from the light, words and music. They made sense together, and that combination was extremely well done. That carried the day for me, and despite my not liking the middle part, I hope I’ll get to see more of her work soon.


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