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June 12th, 2009: Oneone / Le Ton Mité / Cancan

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I was very surprised that so few people showed up. Having side projects of two core members of Deerhoof in an intimate setting where they’re comfortable was such a great opportunity. It was even a bit too intimate as a consequence. But really interesting.

Cancan featured Greg Saunier, Ueno Takashi and Tetsuya Umeda. I wish the latter had done a solo set, because I couldn’t make out what he was doing at all, expect for the few times when the other two were silent, and all I heard then was some faint buzzing for the short time it lasted. His setup looked way cool though, with a fan and other objects. Really cool set, with Saunier being his relentless self and just proving how big a part of Deerhoof’s sound he his. But the guitar is what really made my day. He mixed so many things during that set, sounding at times almost like classical Japanese music and a few seconds later like regular Western indie rock. And many other things in between, shifting effortlessly from one style to another. He’s part of Tenniscoats, a band I know exactly nothing about but now I’d love to check them out.

Le Ton Mité was his usual self, an endearing character with his fragile poetry but also someone whose belief and inspiration run strong enough to make people react, one way or another — one guy just left for good shaking his head. I guess I had seen him too often back when he lived around here, because I didn’t like his act. But it had been a while, and I realized I had missed him. I’m still not overly fond of his music, but there’s something precious about someone who brings something so personal and unique to a scene that can get complacent. Definitely a must-see act, but to be experienced with an open mind.

Oneone came last, and added Satomi Matsuzaki and Saya Takashi to Cancan’s lineup. Of course it reminded even more of Deerhoof, but lighter and in a way more interesting. I love Deerhoof, but I’ve been growing a little too used to them maybe, and that set was very interesting in that it was far less polished than the last few times with that band. And the guitar player was just great again. Saya Takashi being the other half of Tenniscoats, I really have to check out that band. That set had a lot of stuff I love, poppy with an experimental side, in the sense that it was both accessible and interesting.


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