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July 8th, 2009: Diane Cluck / Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza / Capricorn Band

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I had had this one circled for a while, because of Ken Garson‘s longtime and highly visible role in the station. He’s the Kenzo in the KenzoDB powering the playlists, and is also responsible for the new flash player. So even though I had only heard a couple of his shows on the radio, I’m more than a little familiar with — and grateful for — his handiwork.

Capricorn Band went first, and even though both of them are in Antilles, it was really different from that band. The most obvious being there were no drums, but a pad instead. Actually what he was doing with that was closer to one of the guitar sound the last time I heard Antilles, but the comparison stops here, because he was also modulating that sound and throwing in twists that just took it in a different direction. The guitar was more quote-unquote regular, which means less percussive and more about the sound textures. Pretty cool sound overall, but sometimes a bit too much of the same for too long. Then again it’s been a long year and I might just be getting used to what Erik Minkkinen does. Actually, I’m trying to convince myself that the coming summer drought has a silver lining.

Speaking of being spoiled, I wasn’t all that into Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza as a live set. I mean it sounded like great radio, but felt a little out of place. Probably just my being used to hearing that kind of thing alone, and even his talking wasn’t breaking that impression. I mean it’s quite impressive that I could see firsthand his pulling this all out of thin air live, but it’s more confirming a claim than a shock. Maybe the sense of a narrative thread unfolding is something I have a hard time associating with a gig. That came from the blending of sounds and recurrence of some samples, and it’s something I tend to associate with my favorite radio shows. Maybe the sense of intimacy is kinda generating some of disconnect, as it’s less a shared experience with the rest of the audience as something both shared with unknown strangers and a broadcast from an identified stranger. Not that different from any live set come to think of it, so I guess it was all in my mind.

Another totally different experience with Diane Cluck‘s set. More in a folkish style, a reference hard to shake with her guitar/voice setup. I loved her voice. So much that I can’s really tell whether I liked the songs on their own or just because of it. Anyway even if the latter is the case this means that the songs were a great setting for it to shine, and I tend to think there was more at work than just that, because I usually tire of these, and I didn’t. Another reason to check her out again if I get a chance.

Pretty diverse gig, in a place I like. That alone underscores how much I’ll soon come to hate summer, when nothing is going on for a couple of months. Well, I’m planning to get back to live music with Ornette Coleman very early in September, and that’s a cheering thought.


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  1. Audio from that Paris portion of the the 12-show Europe tour, as well as the other 11 shows, will eventually be posted on the site. I’ll try to remember to leave a note here then. Thanks for hearing/writing/being.

    Comment by Ken's Last Ever... | July 23, 2009 | Reply

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