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July 9th, 2009: Keiji Haino

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Last gig for a while here. There’s the usual summer break, but this year drastic subsidies cuts — much worse than expected — are putting them in serious trouble. So they had to cancel all events until next year. It’s bad enough to make the place’s closing altogether a distinct possibility.

At least this final gig was a good one, a single long set by Keiji Haino showing his noisier side on guitar and occasional voice. High intensity sustained basically throughout. Not too loud either, enough to be claiming full attention, but it never got painful or excessive.

This guy definitely knows what he’s doing, and that was especially on display with loops. When building up a dense texture of noise, those would keep the sound intricate, with several layers moving at different speeds, and those patterns were there to be followed without one obscuring the others. And of course he would sometime just stop the loops suddenly, but even those breaks were part of the bigger picture, an obvious switch to something else but with a continuity nonetheless. Of course, the loops are not even half the story, the guitar sound alone was totally great, and his mastery of the instrument just awesome.

It wasn’t just an onslaught by any means, and not just because of the parts where voice would be the main course. Obviously those are a big part of what makes him special, but there was a balance in this show that made it possibly the best I’ve seen by him. It’s hard to say because the very first one has something of an edge from the pure shock value of my first contact with his music. That one was clearly divided into two parts though, and this latest one was one continuous set that nonetheless covered a lot of ground. And that made it very satisfying and interesting. A great experience.


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