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July 17th, 2009: Damily

@alimentation générale

First time in this place, and they didn’t exactly endear themselves to me. That’s a downright ridiculous aside, but I’d rather have a bar not carry Guinness at all than serve it so poorly. I won’t go into details, but I didn’t even know it was possible to do it that wrong.

I intended to catch Damily in Aubervilliers last Sunday, but I just got the time wrong and by the time I figured that out it was just too late to get there in time. Then my dislike of crowds ruled out the Bastille day eve’s gig, so that was my last shot at hearing them live. Definitely not an appropriate setting, but they did set the place on fire eventually. It took a while to get going, but their relentlessness finally paid off. I was kinda hoping they would have provided me with an opportunity to run into some people from Madagascar I haven’t seen in years, but that would have been more likely had I been smart enough to stick to my original plan. It’s all my own fault. Nonetheless it felt good to hear this again, it was much closer to my original experience than Tefa last month. No dis to them, it’s all about the setting.

It’s a challenge for me to tell the actual gig apart from the welling up of memories of my long past hanging out with people from Madagascar, and that’s probably a sign that they’re the real deal. The steady bass line and drumming — steady but not dull by any means — would have been enough, but the voices did most of the trick. The male singer was most prominent, he really got better as time went on, feeding off the increasing response from the attendance, a sure sign of a true performer. The female singer’s voice was the most striking reminder of my own long gone experience though, just the tone of it. Seeing her come down from the stage to dance with the audience was a real treat, totally sending me back to those long gone parties. Special mention to the man himself, Damily on guitar, who pulled a nice trick by both being totally in line with the stuff I heard back then and putting a personal twist on this familiar music. I can’t exactly pinpoint where that came from, but I felt it had less to do with his sound or notes than with his timing, some slightly unexpected offbeat notes that made a big difference for me. His performance pulled me back from comfortable but dead memories into what was going on right then and there. That doesn’t make me any less stupid for missing their most promising show, but it’s still better to have heard them live there than not at all.


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