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July 28th, 2009: Kasper T. Toeplitz / Gerome Nox / Cécile Babiole / Ursula / Couleur


Catching up after a busy week during which I actually spent more time drinking than sleeping. So there are gonna confused notes. A free gig with seven acts, though I missed the last two in a misguided and fruitless attempt to catch the last train.

I finally got to hear Couleur, a project featuring Strom Varx and Alexandre Bellenger. They went topical, but luckily they settled on the moon landing instead of MJ. The laptop was drowning out the guitar at times, but not too much overall. Cool rocket racket at first, then it settled down — a little too much in my opinion. But the performance took off again with better balance. Speaking of balance, I thought it was both written and open, and gave me the feeling this project could get better.

Some nice textures from Ursula, with a nice roughness. On the other hand, I didn’t get the way the set unfolded, maybe because I liked the beginning quite a lot and felt the rest didn’t exactly keep up with that. But the sounds themselves had a lot going for them.

Cecile Babiole‘s set was my favorite. Maybe because of the way the plane and helicopter sounds tied in with the first set into a kind of Airbone Event. I’m quite fond of this stuff, and she had the additional appeal of being someone I had never heard before. These sounds may usually be noise pollution, but she built some actual music out of this material. The helicopter recording obviously felt rhythmic at times, but not always, and that alone shows that the original sound was turned into something else by its surroundings.

At first I was quite disappointed by Gerome Nox‘ set, because it was too much what I was expecting from him. But I really liked the second half or so of the set. Not that it was that different, but there was something more compelling to it, though I can’t exactly pinpoint what.

I missed the first few minutes of Kasper T. Toeplitz set, and here I fought the setting didn’t help getting into the music. I had not heard him in a while, and remember liking that last set a lot, so it was a bit of a letdown. I blame myself for failing to get his point, as I never got focused enough, so I’ll try to make up for it next time.


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