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July 29th, 2009: Psychedelic Desert / Robert Engelbrecht / Eddie 135 / Buffet Froid


Four completely different sets in that gig, which this something I appreciate a lot.

Buffet Froid started with a free improv set, but those two quote-unquote prepared guitars left be unconvinced. There were some ideas, though maybe a little too heavily expounded. But I had the uncomfortable impression they were not listening enough to each other, some communication failure that spoiled a lot for me.

First contrast with Eddie 135, who formed a cohesive unit. I had never heard them before for some reason, and I was expecting something more noisish, based on their pile of electronics and effects. But that was something else, with a fast pulse giving a structure and base to some hints of variations and interferences. The set was too short for me to figure it out much, so I plan to hear them again now that I have an idea of what to look for.

Yet another style with Robert Engelbrecht performing Phill Niblock’s 3 to 7 – 196. Cello with additional recorded cello layers of more than 30 minutes of powerful and compelling contemporary music. Totally great in my opinion, a sensory experience with more than meets the ear. My favorite set of the evening, with a music strong enough to make the setting irrelevant.

Finally, Psychedelic Desert pretty much lived up to the first half of their name — with the less than numerous attendance providing the second. The beginning and end were good enough if pretty much what I expected from a Japanese psychedelic band, but I just loved the middle part with the singer/bass player on her own. There was something just off enough in the rhythm of the bass and the tone of the voice to make that part fascinating for me.


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