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August 29th, 2009: Radikal Satan / Mr Labrador

@instants chavirés

The place will not schedule any gig on its own until the end of the year at best, but they still are available for rentals, so there will be one from time to time. This time the find people from Kliton stepped up to keep the place on the map.

I really liked some of the stuff Mr Labrador did, especially when sliding that metal stick on the side. At other times it was obvious he was doing something but I couldn’t notice what. I was not really open to the noisish part, but still enjoyed the set quite a lot. To be checked out again when/if I get back to my usual frame of mind, I guess.

Radikal Satan were just as great as usual, and the drummer was again a perfect complement that brought the whole yet another notch up. I think I liked the double-bass/accordion/drums parts better than the guitar/keyboard/drums one, but either combination works fine. I like the way they take the time to let a mood set in, the intensity of the music sustained in the long run, and most of all the way the three of them play so well together. Definitely a band I’d go and see anytime, even when I don’t generally want to go out, see a gig and most of all write about it.


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