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September 10th, 2009: Carl Craig – Tribe / Jean Louis

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Still catching up way after the fact, and with a serious backlog. This one was my favorite in this year’s edition of the jazz festival, though it was close to the next one.

Jean Louis is a trio featuring Aymeric Avice on trumpet, Joachim Florent on double bass and Francesco Pastacaldi on drums. But that’s misleading because the trumpet often went through effects that I usually hear used with guitars of the noisiest kind. In itself that would not be much, but this was put to very good use, in a music that blended bits of experimental rock with jazz, with a very percussive bass at times to boot. A very good surprise from a band I would have expected at Sonic Protest more than there. I’d definitely like to hear them again, even knowing that their sound would probably be less powerful in a smaller place. Which might even be a good thing for all I know.

The second set was the brightest highlight of this festival for me. Carl Craig obviously used his fame to shine a light on those musicians, and basically stepped to the side during the show, in a supportive role. I like the gesture, and I’m grateful for it because I had never heard of Tribe records and I was really impressed. Marcus Belgrave on trumpet, Phil Ranelin on trombone and Wendell Harrison on clarinet and saxophone displayed an amazing energy belying their age, and with the support of six other younger musicians delivered a totally compelling music, kind of free jazz with some funk thrown in. And an amazing bass line in what I since learned was Space Odyssey from Marcus Belgrave’s Gemini II — a very good record I got there. That one alone would have made my day, and there were plenty more like it. And loads more where that came from, I’m sure — and eager to check out. It’s not everyday that I hear a music both interesting and with such an immediate appeal as well. I was not as much into Doug Hammond‘s quite minimal drums/voice short series of songs in the middle, but it was quite hard to make the switch from one to the other, so that probably cost me an opportunity to like it more; still enough there, in the meshing of both elements, to wish for another chance. An eye opening set, and a gift of a gig. I hope someone will bring these guys back around here.


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