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September 17th, 2009: Amolvacy / Coupe Coupe

@café de paris

Not having seen Coupe Coupe for a couple of years meant I was in for a surprise. Not exactly mainstream, but the drumming was unexpectedly regular. These loops were real cool in my opinion, and made the project more interesting for me. At this point I’m getting tired of the overly experimental noise thing, and this element shook me out of that jaded boredom. The more familiar onslaught at the beginning probably helped easing me into liking it, as did the more usual noise from the others. Anyway any surprise is a good thing for me right now; the only thing I care about is that it woke me up and the rest of the show stoop up well enough.

I liked Amolvacy better though. I think I’m getting a bit weary of Aaron Moore right now, but this time he kept the clowning around under wraps and I could get what made him an interesting musician in the first place. His stuff made sense on drums and on cello, and even though Dave Nuss and Sheila Donovan were the ones who made the set cool to me, he did add something. My favorite parts were the most folk/middle-ages-ish, for the main part because the voice and tom mixed so well — with a worthwhile assist from Moore right there. It might have gotten stale after a while, but they never gave that a chance and went into more regularly weird stuff as well. I happen to like Donovan’s voice, but I like even more the way she uses it. The last song with her handling the drums, Moore playing the cello like an electric bass and Nuss bowing the violin upright was a bit too Volcanoish for me right then, but it did work at the time. Cool project.


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